VoodooDreams Casino – take your no deposit bonus and evaluate various top slots

  • Is VoodooDreams Casino legal?
  • How to open an account?
  • Bonuses for newcomers
  • Slots and other
  • Support service?
  • Deposit
  • Receiving funds

Is VoodooDreams Casino legal?

Surely, many of you are experienced gamblers who are tired of these old-fashioned casinos with stupid useless bonuses that are also difficult to withdraw.

And even if not, then no newcomer to the gaming industry will agree to spend an incredible amount of his time and energy in order to figure out whether to play in this online casino, or there are options that far exceed this.

It’s worth starting the review with the fact that a huge number of casino fraudsters have now divorced, who earn money in a nasty manner, while they do not have any necessary licenses and quality certificates. Such places should be avoided by the tenth road, otherwise you can simply not withdraw your money or lose the whole amount due to dishonest algorithms.

But, this is definitely not about Voodoo Dreams Casino, which is registered and licensed from one of the largest gaming communities of our time, namely Malta Gaming Authority.

This license confirms the legitimacy of the casino, annually checking the algorithms, the security of the site as a whole and many other aspects.

Only the best online casinos can be awarded a license from this gaming community, which over the years of its work has established itself as one of the independent and incorruptible.

And to determine the win, a special system is used, which is called the Random Number Generator. Thanks to this program, it is impossible to predict the outcome of each spin, everything depends only on your luck, so everything depends only on you and on the randomness.

How to open an account?

It is not possible for users of all countries to complete the registration process. For this reason, let’s begin our review with a detailed analysis of the registration of a new user.

The Maltese license gives the right to work in many countries, but not in all, if gambling, a casino or an online casino are prohibited in your country, you won’t be able to play.

You will see the whole list of countries available for the game on the registration page, you can get to which from the main page of the site voodoodreams.com. by clicking on the Register button.

Of course, you will need to enter some personal information in order to register a new account.

First of all, this is an email, without which you will certainly not succeed. After you come up with a password. It’s worth working on this, do not use the same password for different sites, because you can lose both your account and all the money. Next comes the name, surname, year and date of birth of the user. We select the gender, and then enter your exact address. You need to enter only truthful data, because then it will be necessary to go through the verification process, without which it is impossible to withdraw winnings.

The postal code and country will need to be specified as well as the phone number.

The final touch is the choice of a convenient currency for calculating all payments, as well as confirmation with a checkmark that you agree with all the terms and conditions of Voodoo Dreams Casino, which you can always find on the link attached to this checkmark, which I highly recommend doing before registering on absolutely any resource.

Bonuses for newcomers

From the very beginning of registration, you will be notified that each newcomer to this site can receive a pleasant bonus on their first deposit, immediately after registration.

What exactly is the bonus itself? Any gambler who has stayed at this casino when choosing has the right to receive a good increase in his first deposit. How to do it? Just enter your personal account on voodoodreams.com, after which you will see a special window with the inscription Get bonus. By clicking on this link, you will immediately be offered to make your first deposit. Immediately after the money is transferred to your account, you will receive, in addition to the main deposit amount, another 100%. How it works? Just put for example 30 dollars or euros into your account. You get another 30 dollars or euros depending on the chosen currency, everything is simple.

It is worth noting that the bonuses do not end there. To this, you are offered to get another 20 free spins on the game Book of the Dead. You can use these 20 free spins immediately, on the same day, moreover, you need to do this, ask why? Because you will receive another 20 free spins the next day, the day after the next day, and so on, as many as 10 times.

In total, just logging into your personal account every day for 10 days from the moment of making the first deposit, you get two hundred free spins! And this is in addition to the 100% cash bonus on the deposit and the deposit itself.

Also, VoodooDreams Casino offers its users an absolutely unique reward system. This system is executed like a game, when you get special experience or spirit points and you can choose special bonuses for them later. This is called applying a skill, there are a huge number of these skills, and they are all divided into 4 special categories:

  • blood magic;
  • dark magic;
  • light magic;
  • magic of spirits.

It helps even more to plunge into the atmosphere of voodoo and magic created by this online casino, as well as win much more money.

Slots and other

The site was designed in such a way that the slots and their number immediately caught the eye of the gambler, because this is definitely one of the strengths of Voodoo Dreams Casino.

Players are presented with more than 950 slots, which differ in different jackpots, minimum bets, clearance and other aspects.

All slots on this site are divided into several categories, which greatly simplifies the search for your favorite slot and navigation on the site as a whole.

56 games in the top pix section, these are the most popular slots at the moment that are present on this online gaming platform. The New Games section, which features 26 slots, is the most frequently updated, because they come out often enough so that casino customers do not know the word boredom.

The section with the largest jackpots exists for users who are determined to make huge gains and change their lifestyle after that.

There are also a lot of table games, you won’t be able to try everything even in a day, if you try hard.

That concerns other entertainments, except slots and table games, then there is a live casino, which serves to entertain users who want to feel the atmosphere of a real casino.

With the help of the streaming service it is possible, you will sit at your table or in your mobile phone and watch how a real croupier deals cards, or unwinds a roulette wheel and much more. There is a special chat for communication, so you can always chat with other players during the game.

Live casino works around the clock, in this section there are more than 20 games, each of which is better than the previous one.

But, of course, it all depends on the preferences of the gambler himself, because the picture quality is equally good absolutely everywhere, and lags can occur only if your Internet connection is not stable enough.

Support service?

Yes, of course, the advantages of this casino are just an incredible amount, it differs qualitatively from similar institutions, but there is one very noticeable minus that cannot be ignored and not mentioned in this review.

The lack of a casino voice, the very link between a casino and a regular gambler, of a support service cannot but lower the casino rating, especially in 2021, when all sites had support a long time ago.

In addition, there is not even a special department with chat questions asked, which is also not permissible.

Yes, thanks to this, most processes are automated, such as verification of account data and others, but in any case, if questions arise, someone should answer them. It cannot be otherwise.

So that for the absence of such important components, you can subtract a couple of points from the overall rating of this casino, but this is still not the most decisive factor.


Immediately after registration, you will be offered to agree to receive notifications of various promotions and bonuses voodoodreams.com.

You can either agree or refuse, but for further work with the site you will need to make your first deposit, with or without a bonus, it is up to you.

To do this, clicks the deposit now and you will find yourself on another page. The default payment method is by credit card, as it is the most frequent choice of gamblers. But besides him, there are 6 more different methods available in most countries.

Yes, due to your region, the list and number of payment methods may vary.

Next, we need to enter the necessary data of the card or Internet wallet, confirm them on another page with encryption and deposit funds into our account, there is nothing easier.

They will go immediately to their wives after replenishment, in another case, check to refresh the page or re-enter your personal account.

Receiving funds

If you decide to withdraw all your money from the account, you will need to go through the verification process. It’s not possible to remove them in another way, and that’s why it was necessary to indicate all the real personal data when registering.

To complete this process, you do not need to send any pictures to the email, everything is much simpler and more technologically advanced.

To do this, you go to your personal account on the site, look for the Verification section and go into it.

There you will immediately see 4 sections, in each of which you are offered to attach the necessary photos. The maximum number of photos is 4, and the weight is 15 megabytes. Each section describes why a scan copy of this document is required, and what documents are needed for verification.

The process may take a different amount of time, it is worth considering that the document must be fully visible in the photo, including all 4 corners, otherwise it will not be accepted and you will have to do everything right, so it’s better to try once.

After you receive a notification about the end of account confirmation, withdrawing funds is as simple as depositing them.

You need to go to a separate section, made specifically for this, enter the necessary data and request funds.

Depending on the payment method chosen and its amount, processing may take from one day to 5 working days from the time of the request, so if you are sure that you need these funds, it is better to order withdrawals in advance, because it all depends not on Voodoo Dreams Casino, but more from a bank or online wallet.